Planning & Development Services

Our main purpose is to facilitate and manage sustainable development in Cranberry Township that meets the needs of individual property owners and the Township as a whole within the parameters of the comprehensive plan. This is to be accomplished through dynamic land use regulations, thorough inspections, community involvement, and excellent internal and external communication. The Department strives to enhance the physical environment and improve the quality of life for all residents, commercial enterprises, and visitors.
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The purpose of requiring a building or zoning permit is to verify code compliance in construction through the use of established code standards that exist for safety reasons.  This section will help you decide which permit process is correct for you.  Learn more...
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The Hub is a central point of contact for businesses. As a clearinghouse for business inquiries and information - we are available to assist entrepreneurs and prospective business owners to identify local business resources, troubleshoot building code-related issues, progress through the land development process, and find the necessary data to make the best business decisions. Learn more...
Development Data (General info related to development activity in the Township including; a monthly report, 10 year building trend summary, issued building permits, a list of all residential developments, and available residential lots report.)

For more information, visit the Business Hub.

What are they building? 

What just opened? What is opening soon? What is under construction or under review? Learn more...