Water System

Sewer Line Maintenance
Water Line Maintenance
Water Line Maintenance

Public and Private Improvement Policy (PPIC) and Sewer and Water Rules and Regulations in Chapter 17 Cranberry Twp eCode 360 database

Save money on your water bill. A Deduct Meter enables customers to realize a savings for water that does not enter the sanitary sewage system. Examples of water that does not enter the system: lawn sprinkler systems, swimming pools, washing vehicles. Deduct meters can be used by residential and business customers. The savings appears on the sewage portion of the monthly Sewer & Water bill.

Bill Payment Options. Both billing and customer service are handled by the Township, using a monthly billing cycle where one half of the water customers meters are read and one half are estimated; and delinquent accounts are issued shut-off notices. The following month, customers who had their meters read will be estimated, while estimated meters will be read. Payment Options